Discipline Policy

Grandma Cuddles feels very strongly about discipline. She tolerates no misbehavior on the Granda Cuddles Campus.

But unlike harsh schoolmarms of the past, Grandma Cuddles would never, ever engage in the kind of corporal punishment that leaves permanent marks on tender young flesh.

Grandma Cuddles insists on handling all discipline issues herself. She uses gentler, less invasive forms of discouragement. Her very own “enhanced discipline techniques” cause no physical damage, and leave a strong psychological desire on young minds to be well-behaved and perform at their tip-top best next time around.

In discipline room Room 101, a child is simply exposed to the natural consequences of their own misbehavior. Each discipline experience is customized for the child involved, and often is even educational, as students are given exposure to animals from our very own zoo. Enhanced discipline is as harmless—and effective—as taking a simple sip of water.